Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a specialized form of counseling that focuses on sexual problems. Individual issues may include anxiety, depression, performance concerns, loss of libido, genital pain, shame, and sexual fears and inhibitions. Issues within a relationship may include a discrepancy in desire, lack of skills in communication, and unresolved personal and relational conflicts.

Treatment sessions consist of “talk therapy,” in which the individual’s or couple’s sexual background, values, feelings, and experiences are explored. The goal of the process is to understand differences in each partner’s sexual needs and expectations and to learn how to successfully communicate their concerns to each other. Dr. Gross provides insight and direction, and often suggests “homework” exercises for the individual or couple, to help them learn more about their own sexual preferences and concerns and those of their partner. Treatment can be short-term, though Dr. Gross also works with patients over a longer period to resolve persistent, underlying issues.